Office Market – Abstracts


The distribution of absoption of demand by activities sector of tenants as indicator to qualification of office buildings.  Article published at International Seminar NUTAU’2002 - FAU/USP – São Paulo - SP - October/2002. Ref. 1002

The absorption of demand as measurement of performance to analysis of development of office building in São Paulo, Brazil.  Paper presented at the 2nd Seminar of LARES- Latin American Real Estate Society - FEA/USP – São Paulo - Brazil  - September/2001. Ref. 0901

Monitoring the production of spaces in office buildings through redesign by tenants.  Article published at International Seminar NUTAU’2000 and X Congress Iberic of Solar Energy - FAU/USP – São Paulo - SP - August/2000. Ref. 0800

Parameters for the monitoring of demand for office markets in São Paulo – Brazil.  Paper presented at the ARES 15th Annual Meeting TAMPA - FLÓRIDA U.S.A - 7-10 April/1999. Ref 0499

The feeling is not enought. Article published at magazine CONSTRUÇÃO - Pini Editor - pages 34-35. LI Nº 2652 - December/1998. Ref 1208

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