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The absorption of demand as measurement of performance to analysis of development of office building in São Paulo, Brazil.*  Paper presented at the 2nd Seminar of LARES- Latin American Real Estate Society - FEA/USP – São Paulo - Brazil  - September/2001. Ref. 0901




This paper aims to know the present and future demand for spaces in office buildings in São Paulo city making use of a variance of the absorption index through a new model created to check the distribution of space absorbed. While the role of traditional model is the knowledge of absorbed amount of office units in a specific period focusing the building characteristics, this essay of performance measurement  - the absorption of demand – is distinguished for the accurate investigation of stock available absorbed focusing the real tenant’s needs by space in the Information – Age Economy.


The methodology applied involves the selection of units available in a fixed quarter and location and that were absorbed within the period of analysis. When these units are occupied by the same tenant, the number of units and the area (square meters) of the units occupied were added, classified and distributed in ranges according to occupancy distribution.


As a result, the units available and the real space absorbed, represented by the enterprises /tenant’s needs, show the dynamics of typical demand. The new performance measurement developed - the absorption of demand - allows us to give support to the production of new spaces for office buildings verifying the size of office units rebuilt like as true demand indicator.



Absorption; performance measurement; office building; demand; occupancy.

*About the author: CAMARGO-GHIU, Denise de Architect and Urban Planner by Mackenzie University (1992) – Postgraduated “Latu-sensu” – Real Business –Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation FAAP/ Secovi - SP (1994). Director of Descritor – Support to Analysis of Real Estate Investment S/C Ltda. e-mail: Tel/Fax +55 11 5084 -1651.








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