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Monitoring the production of spaces in office buildings through the redesign by tenants.*  X Congress Iberic of Solar Energy - FAU/USP – São Paulo - SP - August/2000. Ref. 0800


This paper aims to check the use of spaces in office buildings in the last 30 years in São Paulo city through comparison of primary structure built and the new structure of spaces according to the occupancy.

The methodology applied was adopted with purpose of identify the most appropriated space for installation of occupants or group of occupants by organization of work and activities linked. The sample was chosen and grouped by constructive aspects and location.

The results acquired allow us to give support to production of new spaces for office buildings because it elucidates the differences between the spaces as built and the real occupancy. The relational database created constitutes a effective tool for knowledge of demand for spaces.  

KEY WORDS: research; office building; space occupied; support; occupancy; database

*About the author: CAMARGO-GHIU, Denise de Architect and Urban Planner by Mackenzie University (1992) – Postgraduated “Latu-sensu” – Real Business –Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation FAAP/ Secovi - SP (1994). Director of Descritor – Support to Analysis of Real Estate Investment S/C Ltda. e-mail: Tel/Fax +55 11 5084 -1651.








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