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Parameters for the monitoring of demand for office markets in São Paulo – Brazil.*  Paper presented at the ARES 15th Annual Meeting TAMPA - FLÓRIDA U.S.A - 7-10 April/1999.


The current work aims to supply an unfulfilled demand for high quality information about Real Estate Market, supporting market analysis both from a comparative as well as from an statistic viewpoint.

The starting point to develop a methodology to build this database was classify the regions that were particularly important and to compile the constructive aspects of the commercial building.

The database is fed quarterly with information concerning occupancy since June 1996.The variables were chosen in order to be meaningful and comparable so as to satisfying multiple needs. The main reference of the database is represented by office units, both in its original conception as well as how later redefined by the tenants.

The results obtained by crossing variables, as allowed by the software, showed the methodology applied provides different approaches to the same market. Such results support the design of office buildings and show the demand for office space. The study of the space occupied includes the use of the Standard Industry Classification (SIC).

This development of this methodology made it possible to research the behavior of a variety of information regarding the Real Estate Market, so as to put in evidence outstating data as shown in the current work.

Once comparable parameters were given, the system proved effective both in generating generic information as well as in highly specific information.

KEY WORDS: research; office building; methodologies; variables; parameters database

*About the author: CAMARGO-GHIU, Denise de Architect and Urban Planner by Mackenzie University (1992) – Postgraduated “Latu-sensu” – Real Business –Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation FAAP/ Secovi - SP (1994). Diretora da Descritor – Support to Analysis of Real Estate Investment S/C Ltda. e-mail: Tel/Fax +55 11 5084 -1651.







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